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The 13th Annual Hispanic Heritage Month State Commemoration will take place on Friday, October 11, 2019 at the State Capitol Rotunda. We are currently seeking nominations for the 2019 Hispanic Heritage Month Awards. Please explain in 350 words or less why you believe this individual or organization should receive one of the following awards below. Nominations may be submitted by Nebraska residents of all ages, ethnicity and backgrounds statewide. Nomination Deadline: 5 p.m. Tuesday, September 23, 2019.. 


Humanitarian Award

    This award honors an individual who has enhanced multicultural understanding, communication, and social justice in Nebraska. Explain how this individual has contributed their time, actions or funding that has made a difference, and why they deserve this award.

  • Dedication has led to improvements in the quality of life within the Hispanic community
  • Promotion of equality, social justice, human dignity and diversity in the community
  • Exemplify, through actions, the role of a humanitarian and leader for the Hispanic community
  • Achievement of cross-cultural understanding in the community
  • Advocate for underrepresented youth, especially Hispanic youth
  • Printable Criteria


Event Award

    This award honors an organization who has broadened cross-cultural understanding through an event, exhibit or body of work on issues affecting the Hispanic population or promoting the beauty of Hispanic culture.

  • The promotion of Hispanic heritage, culture and community locally or statewide
  • Publicly recognized a group or individual in the Hispanic community bringing positive attention
  • Event, exhibit or body of work bridging cultural understanding between communities
  • Eliminating myths and stereotypes through factual information provided in a large setting
  • Advocating or bringing attention to topic(s) affecting the Hispanic community
  • Printable criteria


Inspiration Award

    For an individual who has gone above and beyond promoting diversity and helping individuals within the Hispanic community.

  • Actions have benefited Hispanic individuals in the local community
  • Improved opportunities for academic and social advancement among Hispanic youth
  • Serves as a role model to Nebraskans of all ages
  • Has worked to keep Latin American culture and heritage alive in Nebraska
  • Has organized support groups or fundraisers to benefit a group, individual or issue affecting the Hispanic community
  • Printable criteria


Organization Award

    Honor an organization (community, student, non-profit, church, etc.) that has advocated for or on behalf of the Hispanic community regarding education, health care or public health, voter education/registration or awareness, or have directly provided these services to the Hispanic community.

  • Provides classes or programs to benefit the Hispanic community
  • Advocate for social justice, equality and cultural understanding locally or statewide
  • Achieved improvements in academic or social opportunities among underrepresented youth
  • Provided direction, access, support and/or service to Hispanic individuals
  • Assisted in helping recent immigrants settle in new surroundings
  • Printable criteria



The Nebraska Latino American Commission and other members of the Hispanic Heritage Month State Celebration Planning Committee invite Nebraska 10th, 11th and 12th high school students to enter the 2019 Hispanic Heritage Month Essay Contest. The theme for the contest is "2020 Census: It is about us and our schools."

Students are encouraged to write about the upcoming 2020 Census process and the immediate impact of its results, especially on the education sector. Essays should address the following: (1) Why do you consider the 2020 Census important? (2) Why an accurate Census count is important to your schools? (3) How can you and your school get involved in the Census process, keeping in mind the challenges facing the hard-to-count populations?

Eligibility: All high school students (10-11 - 12 grade) attending a Nebraska school.

Entry: The contest will commence September 1, 2019 and ends on September 20, 2019. The essay must be submitted along with the entry form (attached to these instructions). Winning entries will be recognized at the Hispanic Heritage Month State Celebration scheduled for October 11th, 2019. The Nebraska Latino-American Commission reserves the right to publish the winning entries on its website ( or publications. Entries can be submitted in English or Spanish.

Deadline: September 20, 2019.


virtual captiol tourThe interactive “Nebraska Virtual Capitol” website is a resource for students and visitors of all ages, both here in Nebraska and around the world. Young and old can discover more about Nebraska; learn about the history, arts and architecture of the building that serves as the heart of our state government and the Governor’s mansion.

The Nebraska State Capitol building is an architectural wonder and now you can visit it anytime, anywhere. Take a 360-degree virtual tour of the Nebraska State Capitol and Governor’s Mansion to see the beauty of this treasured landmark. Step inside the legislative chamber; see amazing views of the rotunda and the Sower standing majestically on the dome – without ever setting foot in the building.

For educators, there are links to a curriculum website with lesson plans and other resources for teachers designing Nebraska studies and art lessons to use in their classrooms. The “Nebraska Virtual Capitol” curriculum is targeted to K-12 students, with an emphasis on fourth graders who are studying Nebraska history, and is a resource for students who cannot visit the buildings due to distance or cost.

Link to "Nebraska Virtual Capitol"

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