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Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary (1972-2022)

Getting to know our community flyer spanish

Conociendo Nuestra Comunidad: Nomina a alguien en tu comunidad que creas que debe ser destacado por el trabajo que hacen, esto puede ser dueños de negocios latinos, educadores, activistas, estudiantes, un latino que crees que merece un poco de reconocimiento. ¡Envíanos un correo electrónico a con su información para que podamos contactar para una entrevista! Para obtener más información, haga clic en el gráfico y se le llevará a una página informativa.

Getting to Know: Our Community: Nominate someone in your community that you believe should be highlighted for the work they do, this can be Latino business owners, educators, activists, students, or any Latino that you think deserves a little recognition. Email us at with their information so we can reach out for an interview! For more information click the graphic and you will be taken to an informational page.

Getting to know our community flyer spanish

In our series of interviews with commissioners, we have this amazing interview with Cristina Castro-Matukewicz (current Vice-chair) who talks about her community work at the Nebraska Commission on Latino Americans and sends a message to previous commissioners, executive directors, and staff members that have served the Commission for the last 50 years.

virtual captiol tour

The interactive "Nebraska Virtual Capitol" website is a resource for students and visitors of all ages around the world. Young and old can discover more about Nebraska by learning about the history, art and architecture of the Capitol that serves as the heart of our state government, and the Governor's mansion.

The Nebraska State Capitol building is an architectural wonder, and now you can visit it anytime, anywhere. Take a 360° virtual tour of the Nebraska State Capitol and Governor's Mansion to see the beauty of these treasured landmarks. Step inside the legislative chamber, see amazing views of the rotunda, and the sower standing majestically on the dome – all without ever setting foot in the building.

For educators, there are links to a curriculum website with lesson plans and other resources for teachers designing Nebraska studies and art lessons to use in their classrooms. The "Nebraska Virtual Capitol" curriculum is targeted to K-12 students, with an emphasis on fourth graders who are studying Nebraska history. It is a great resource for students who cannot visit the buildings due to distance, cost, or COVID-19.

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