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NLAC supports LB623 becoming law

Today was a big day for the state of Nebraska. This morning 34 senators voted to override a Governor veto on LB 623, the bill that would allow driver's licenses for DACA recipients. The bill was signed into law today by Speaker Hadley and will go into effect tomorrow, May 29, 2015.

For the past four years, many organizations and individuals have worked hard to reach this day and this outcome. I am proud to say we were one of these organizations. For years we have been meeting with senators and the Governor to appeal this denial of a right to have a driver's license. For years there has been progress, but until this year, no significant changes. That all changed today, and starting May 29 the DMV can expect DACA recipients lining up for their driver's license.

I would like to extend a profound Thank You to the Senators who supported LB 623 and voted to override the veto: Senators Baker, Bolz, Campbell, Chambers, Coash, Cook, Crawford, Davis, Friesen, Garrett, Gloor, Haar, Hadley, Hansen, Harr, Howard, Hughes, Johnson, Kolowski, Kolterman, Krist, Kuehn, McCollister, Mello, Morfeld, Nordquist, Pansing Brooks, Scheer, Schumacher, Seiler, Smith, Stinner, Sullivan and Williams. Thousands are in your debt, and you have improved the opportunities of families and students statewide.

We were not the only ones working and advocating for this new law, for the past four years we were a part of a whole that made today possible. Among the non-profits fighting for this outcome were the Heartland Workers Center, Justice for our Neighbors and Nebraska Appleseed, and many more across the state such as the Multicultural Alliance of Hastings and Unity in Action in South Sioux City. There was also much support among business organizations including the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce, the Nebraska Cattlemen Association, the Nebraska Restaurant Owners Association, the Mayors of Omaha and Schuyler, and many others. This is not a single person's victory, this is a large group's victory and I thank each and every one of them.

I also would like to express gratitude to all the people out there who met with or left messages with their senators and the Governor, who on their own accord decided to share their voice to help the masses. We know these individuals are out there, nameless and faceless to us, but not voiceless. It is not just activists and groups; it is also the individual that can make a difference. We may never meet you face-to-face, but we know you are out there and we thank you. You know who you are.

Most importantly, today is a victory for the Dreamers who have worked so hard and have been so patient to receive their driver's licenses. After several years of waiting, of putting their dreams and goals on hold, of having to rely on others for transportation, they can finally walk into the DMV and request their license.


Dr. Arturo Spindola

Executive Director - Latino American Commission


quarterly meeting on June 6

The Latino-American Commission will host a Quarterly Meeting on Saturday, June 6, 2015.
The meeting will take place at the historic Ferguson House located at 700 S. 16th Street in Lincoln, Nebraska.
The meeting will be from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and is open to the public. Time will be allocated for public comments within the first hour of the meeting. We encourage those wishing to speak to call our office ahead of time, in effort to provide better accommodations.

The agenda for the Quarterly Meeting will be kept concurrent and made available for public inspection at the Commission's office. For further information, please contact us at (402) 471-2791.



The State of Nebraska Governor's Office has released a list of current and upcoming openings on Boards and Commissions that are appointed by the Governor.

If interested, please complete the online application prior to the end of the month of their deadlines. Upcoming Deadlines:

May 2015:

  1. Dry Bean Commission
  2. Liquor Control Commission
  3. Motor Vehicle Industry Licensing Board
  4. State College System Board of Trustees - Student Representatives


June 2015:

  1. Accountability & Disclosure Commission
  2. Corn Development, Utilization & Marketing Board
  3. Environmental Quality Council
  4. Nebraska Exchange Stakeholder Commission
  5. Grape & Winery Board
  6. Commission on Housing & Homelessness
  7. Commission on Industrial Relations
  8. Nebraska Library Commission
  9. Commission on Problem Gambling
  10. Wheat Development, Utilization & Marketing Board
  11. Women's Health Initiative Advisory Council
  12. Nebraska Youth Council

For a printer-friendly copy, click here. For a list of Board positions that are open due to resignations or unfilled positions, click here. To apply for a position, click here.

If you have questions about requirements for any of the Boards or Commissions listed please contact Kathleen Dolezal at 402-471-1971 or email:

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